i’mma is now LocalOye.com – focus on event spaces

i'mma is now LocalOye

A lot has been happening at our end. i’mma started in July, launched our Mobile HTML5 app in August and also kickstarted our marketing operations.

Why the focus on just one category for local commerce?

  • Focus. Is always good. Especially for a small team like ours. This blog post by Chris Dixon gives a very good tl; dr of what we came to realise.
  • More than 50% of the enquiries we got at i’mma after our launch were from event planning categories like Venues, Vendors like Florists/Event. Photographers, Wedding Planners etc. And a quick research revealed the complete fragmented nature of the event management ecosystem; which in itself is a surprisingly high-ticket-price game.
  • And hence we decided to leave other categories behind and just focus on a single category. The first phase plan is to focus on just venues and then expand into vendors, event planning tools etc.

Why did we change the name?

  • Not surprisingly, many people found the brand name i’mma too difficult to remember and pronounce :)
  • On top of it, a domain name (http://im.ma) without .com in it was just too difficult to explain! In case you are wondering .ma is country-code TLD for Morocco! With our focus in the local commerce space, we needed a catchy name that could be remembered by local businesses too, not just tech-savvy junta.

So what’s next?

  • Nothing much has changed, we are still continuing to do what we do best – “Getting shit done”
  • Our first version of the matching engine is built in the back end, but currently has a lag of few hours before the information reaches you. So go ahead, and post your requirements! We will do our magic in the back end. You can expect the matching engine to be live on front end in one month.

Want to join us?

LocalOye team

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